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Kevin Peterson is a Certified Drone Pilot (FAA Part-107) and drone hobbyist who spends his downtime building quadcopters from scratch. His love for drone technology propelled him to educate and teach young adults about the fantastic world of (UAS) unmanned aerial systems. Recently, he volunteered to build an outdoor drone obstacle course where kids took turns flying drones and learning about teamwork. This is just one of the many ways he plans to introduce STEM education through drone technology to at-risk youths and young adults. Kevin is currently working on a curriculum that will gets students interested, ready and excited about the future of drone technology into classrooms. 


His passion inspired him to start his own aerial drone business in 2018 called Elevated Imagery, LLC. Elevated Imagery specializes in providing stunning and captivating photos and videos for a wide range of customer and business needs. As an MBE certified company, it’s important that we provide exceptional and personalized service. Elevated Imagery will be able to provide innovative drone technology to advance economic opportunities and quality of lives.


Kevin Peterson


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